Did You Know Over 80% of Americans Are Magnesium Deficient?
This hidden epidemic causes poor sleep, low energy, body pain, headaches and other serious health problems!
Meet MAGTECH™, The World's Best Magnesium Supplement
Users Often Report:
  • Anxiety relief †
  • Better sleep quality and falling asleep faster †
  • Promotes calmness & sense of well-being †
  • Relieves stress & frustration †
Here's Why MAGTECH™  is a MUST-HAVE ...
"If you've ever struggled to fall asleep or keep calm and relaxed during the day, then you need to try MAGTECH™.

Other magnesium supplements are poorly absorbed and can cause uncomfortable stomach issues like loose stools ...

But our unique MAGTECH formula combines three of the most gentle and bio-available forms of magnesium for the support you need.

Scroll down to see how our special magnesium blend is designed to help you think clearer, sleep better and relax. I truly think you'll love it!"

-Roy Krebs
Co-Founder, Natural Stacks
It Does NOT Matter How Old You Are!
In fact the older you are, the more incredible results could be.

Magnesium can help you reclaim your health, restore your energy and rediscover your motivation.

Your body can't create this essential mineral on its own, so you must get it elsewhere.

It is responsible for over 325 different biochemical processes in your body — encouraging your body to THRIVE.
Processes like...

- Protein synthesis and cell health
- Muscular contraction and pain reduction
- Cardiovascular health  and blood pressure management
- Immune system support and anti-inflammatory action

In fact, a 2016 review of over 40 scientific studies found that this essential mineral can also reduce your risk for disease. [1]
For Every 100mg of Magnesium...
  • Heart failure reduced by 22%
  • Type 2 diabetes reduced by 19%
  •   Risk of stroke reduced by 7%
Incredible right?

You can lower your risk of heart failure and stroke simply by including more magnesium in your daily routine.

All you have to do is add magnesium to your diet!

This might shock you...
Over 80% of Americans are still deficient in magnesium leading to many health problems!
In fact, magnesium is the 2nd most widespread nutrient deficiency in the world.

When I learned this fact I was stunned.

Not only does magnesium regulate over 300 important processes in your body, but there are thousands of binding sites in the body that use magnesium.

Your body can’t function well without it!

When you don't get enough magnesium, that's over 300 systems and thousands of biochemical reactions that potentially shut down and stop working.

Dangerous signs of magnesium deficiency include increased blood pressure, insulin resistance, and anxiety.

When you don’t get enough magnesium, you’re setting yourself up for severe deficiency-related diseases like: [2]

- Heart disease
- Insomnia
- Blood clots
- Nerve dysfunction
- Kidney disease
- Tooth decay

It's no wonder why magnesium is so important for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

It's the super nutrient that touches nearly every vital process in the human body.

And yet, 80% of people are suffering from not having enough magnesium.

I couldn't help but think...

Why is deficiency so common?

Why is no one talking about it?

For people who want to take control of their health, what can they do to fight deficiency?

I had to discover this for myself and what I learned could change the world forever.
Problem #1 - Magnesium Deficiency is a Problem Your Doctor Won't Discover!
Even though magnesium deficiency is involved in almost every single complication in your body… doctors still have trouble making the right diagnosis.
It’s all about the testing method.
Whenever you go to the doctor, it’s common that they order a standard blood test to check your overall health.
The problem is that magnesium is stored in your bones, cells and tissues.
Less than 1% of magnesium is actually in your bloodstream. [3]

The best doctor in the world won't be able to tell if you are deficient in magnesium from a blood test.

And what happens because of this?

Magnesium deficiency remains completely unnoticed and untreated!

But it gets worse.

As most doctors have their hands tied by the broken healthcare system, they may try to treat your symptoms in another way.

Sometimes this means prescribing a medicine that you may not even need.
Problem #2 - Magnesium From Food is Simply Not Enough
I pride myself on the fact that I've eaten a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle for my entire life.

But still it wasn't enough to get the right amount of magnesium.

Chances are the same thing is happening to you.

Foods with magnesium include:

- Beans and nuts
- Whole grains like brown rice
- Green leafy vegetables

In this day and age, it’s very hard to prepare each meal.
Let alone try and include beans, whole grains, and green vegetables with every dish!
But even if you go all-in on a magnesium rich diet, you’ll still have trouble getting the right amount in your body.

The answer is factory farming.

Factory farming means bigger and faster but NOT nutrient rich.

The result is...
Our food no longer has the time to absorb the nutrients we need.
First I was shocked that the reason more people aren't living happier and healthier lives is because blood tests don't find magnesium deficiency.

But factory farming stealing away our nutrients is insane!

Personally, it was very hard for me to believe until I researched the topic further.

In 2007 biology and mineral expert David Thomas shocked the world with this study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Health. [4]

Look below at the changes in mineral content ...
Source: Thomas, D. The Mineral Depletion of Foods Available to us as a Nation (1940-2002). Nutrition and Health. 2007;19:21–55.
Since 1940 the amount of magnesium found in healthy vegetables like spinach has decreased by over 33%!

You'll see that there's actually more phosphorous in our vegetables now.

The reason?

Phosphorous is one of the main ingredients in fertilizer.

Factory farming also reduced the amount of magnesium in meat and cheese.

- Meat declined by 15%

- Cheeses declined by 26%
This study reviewed data from 1940 - 2002.
Do you think factory farming has got better or worse since then?

Personally, I do not think so.
Discovering My Own
Magnesium Deficiency
When I played football in college, I would get these terrible debilitating muscle cramps. The spasms would go on and on and I’d fall to the ground in pain grabbing my leg.
I tried ice baths, yoga, extra rest, you name it. I almost gave up completely and thought I’d either try to “tough it out” or just quit sports. It wasn’t worth the pain.
But then I discovered what magnesium deficiency was and that even though I was eating healthy, I still was at risk for being low in magnesium.
I got tested at the doctor, but the blood test didn’t say much.
Like any other problem though, “If you want it fixed, you should do it yourself”.
I was going to beat magnesium deficiency on my own and would start with a supplement.
This was easier said than done.
Shopping for a magnesium supplement is a nightmare.

There are dozens of products with dozens of different forms.
Oxide, oxalate, dihydroxide, citrate, aspartate, glycinate, oronate, l-threonate... and that's just to name a handful!
Choosing the right magnesium supplement is crucial because at least half of those forms I listed above have extremely poor absorption rates or worse.
Like magnesium oxide is known to have low absorption and even cause diarrhea!
So I Decided to Make The World's Best Magnesium Supplement!
I wasn't willing to compromise for a cheap magnesium supplement to help fight my deficiency, so I set out to make my own.

It was simple, I'd source only the best natural ingredients possible.

The result is a pure formula that gives you 200mg of magnesium per serving.
Magtech Magnesium is your "Magnesium Solution".

MagTech Magnesium is a unique blend of three of the most potent forms of magnesium on the planet, each with their own unique benefits in the body--and mind.
Made With The Most Bio-Available Forms of Magnesium ...
Magnesium-l-threonate helps support cognitive functions and brain health. It is the only magnesium compound that has been shown to effectively raise the brain’s magnesium levels, which leads to improved memory and mental functions.†
Magnesium glycinate
Magnesium and glycine both have a calming effect on the brain, helping to reduce stress and support healthy sleep quality. Magnesium glycinate is one of the "best absorbed" forms of magnesium.†
Magnesium Taurate
Magnesium Taurate is a synergistic combination of magnesium and taurate. Together they promote relaxation. This form of magnesium supports maximum absorption in the cells and distribution throughout the body.†
Now Featuring Super Ingredient Magnesium L-Threonate
The formula starts with Magnesium L-Threonate (MagTein), the only magnesium form scientifically proven to increase the brain's magnesium levels.

A group of elite MIT scientists found that daily supplementation of Magnesium L-Threonate increased serum magnesium in the brain, leading to improved memory and cognitive function.

After just 6 weeks of taking Magnesium L-Threonate, subjects showed improvements in:

- Memory
- Attention
- Executive function

But it gets better...

The author of the study concluded that "Magnesium l-threonate improved 'brain age' by 9 years based on restored impaired executive function of the subjects." [5]

Think about it... a super-mineral so powerful and effective that it's able to improve brain age by 9 years!

The Fountain of Youth for your brain.
In just two weeks of using Magnesium L-Threonate,
subjects saw increased synaptic brain activity (how well your brain sends messages).
I strengthened the MagTech™ with Magnesium Glycinate and Magnesium Taurate.

Magnesium Glycinate is a rich source of glycine, an amino acid (protein building block) that promotes deep sleep and eliminates toxins from your body.

Who doesn’t need a better sleep?

One study from 2012 found that magnesium glycinate before bedtime improved "fatigue, liveliness and peppiness, and clear-headedness" the next day. [6]

Magnesium Glycinate unlocks the deep, restorative sleep you require. You'll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized for a brand new day.

Magnesium Taurate contains magnesium and the amino acid taurine. These united nutrients make a perfect pair.

Taurine welcomes magnesium in and out of your cells, working together to improve your health and give you , this is the essential magnesium form for full body recovery.

Magnesium Taurate works to stabilize central nervous system function and maintain neurotransmitter balance. Plus, it plays a vital role in your vision, cardiac health, bone metabolism, and muscle growth. [7]

MagTech™ contains the ideal blend of high quality magnesium.

It’s 100% chelated - the form that’s easily absorbed by your body. And contains 200mg elemental magnesium per serving - the actual amount you’re getting from the supplement.

Compare that to the most common magnesium type on the market, magnesium oxide.

Magnesium oxide is commonly used for it’s laxative effect, and only about 4% is absorbed. That's why magnesium oxide supplements have to increase the amount of magnesium in the supplement, to make up for the poor bioavailability.

MagTech™ wasn't just designed to help you overcome deficiency...

It was designed to optimize magnesium levels in both body and mind to give you unbeatable sleep, enhanced cognitive function, and a high-performing body that won't let you down.
  • Sharpen Your Memory Recall
  •  Improve Your Brain's Processing For Clearer Thinking
  •  Increase Your IQ With Better Recall and Faster Processing
  •  Preserve the Health Of Your Brain Cells Over Time
  •  Strengthen Bones and Teeth
  •  Balance Blood Pressure For Cardiovascular Health
  • Start Sleeping Soundly

Here's What People Are Saying About MagTech ...
 Over 200+ Verified MAGTECH™ Reviews!
 100% of reviewers would recommend MAGTECH™ to a friend for:
Improved Sleep, Improved Cognitive Function Stress and Enhanced Mood!
Why Do Our Customers Love MAGTECH™ Magnesium?
Here's Why Andrew C. Loves MAGTECH™ ...
"MagTech really keeps me chill when I'm stacking nootropics or trying to sleep. Not the same as picking up a single form of magnesium."
Here's Why Bryan C. Loves MAGTECH™ ...
"The MagTech drink mix is excellent. I’ve noticed improved sleep, I’ve noticed that I have been dreaming more which seems to indicate that I’m getting to a deeper sleep. And the convenience is there in the packets, easy to take along with you when you’re away or in the evening. And a very pleasant taste and helpful all around. So I would recommend it, along with other products. I hope you give it a try!”
Here's Why Gary M. Loves MAGTECH™ ...
"I was formerly using Natural Calm, but stopped after discovering it was found to be contaminated with unacceptably high levels of heavy metals. MagTech tastes great and I sleep like a stone where I would often wake during the course of the night. It doesn't fizz which is another plus in my book."
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